contact us at events@charlieschampions.com

We are always looking for volunteers to help run events, whether it’s assisting with a mailing, raffles, set-up on event site, spending time at the Cancer Center For Kids or taking photos…
All these little hands help tremendously and make for a more fun and successful event.

What a wonderful way for your family to participate in Community Service and Community Outreach.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with our RAGE IN THE CAGE EVENTS & UNDERAGE IN THE CAGE

-Be a “Hut Captain” (help run the paddle tournament)
-Take an hour and help at the Registration Desk
-Raffles Committee
-Be a “Runner” and help coordinate between the different event sites in Garden City

-Be an assistant at the kids, UNDERAGE EVENT – paddle and pizza party
-Take photographs, make movies for our website
-Or maybe there’s something you would like to develop yourself – we are open!

Would love to have you on board!!!!!!